Sunday, 17 January 2010

Mr Jackson.

Last night my eyes lit up when I heard back to back tracks of Michael Jackson playing in Independent. It took only moments for Spade and I to pull out the moonwalk (drunk style) and perform inappropriate crotch grabbing movements (hahaha my goodness having flash backs!) plus Jade was wearing a trilby so it had to be done.

So anyway I was watching a documentary about him this afternoon and I came to realise nobody else in the world can pull of his style but him. Can you imagine a Chav successfully wearing a bejewelled glove and red leather trousers? No. They'd be a victim of abuse probably.

So here are a selection of the legends most memorable and truly amazing outfits.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Old Family Photos

My dad scanned a lot of family photographs that belong to my Grandmother not long ago. Unfortunately there are quite a number of photos with unknown faces. My Grandparents themselves do not know who all the people on the photographs are as they were their parents photographs at one time. We may never know who they were and if the family line has spilt off even further.
The photos date back all the way to the 19th century at times and we are still eager to find out more information behind the faces of our ancestors.

My Great Grandad with his troop in the war.

Great Grandad Cowell at hospital with other soldiers.

Jack Napier my Grandma's brother.

My Grandma and Granda to the right, and my late great Auntie Eva and Uncle Bob on the left.

R A Napier. The Yorkshire Reg.

An unkown family member - 'Love me, love my Dog'.

Another unknown ancestor.

Monday, 11 January 2010

The Florence.

There is one lady who's style caught my eye the first time I saw the 'Dog Days Are Over' music video...Miss Florence Welch of course.

Her style is elegant, feminine, with a hint of edginess to complete. She is not just a one of kind right now regarding style but musically Florence and the Machine are a much welcomed refreshing sound to your playlist.