Thursday, 20 January 2011

Got any great fashion stories?

I am currently on the look out to find some pretty sweet fashion stories for part of my university work. Fashion Journalism all the way!

If you have any stories, news, information...anything hot that is pretty interesting or know of anyone who could help out, holla!

Most appreciated ♥

Photography: Holly Warburton


  1. That's an interesting work! I'm sure you will find something good searching in google ;) What comes to my mind right now is for example the good relation between Yves Saint Laurent and Catherine Deneuve, she was kind of her muse, or the polemic days of Kate Moss being the muse of Calvin Klein and the "heroin chic" look... or her relation with the photographer Mario Sorrenti ;)


  2. Thankyou, Ill definitley look into that. I love Mario Sorrenti's work, fantastic!